Independent Schools


School Digital Marketers understands that every Independent school is unique and we help you craft your unique story to attract new students. We are passionate about telling your story to the target audience. We are driven to get your school found, and serve as a communication tool with your existing parents. When you work with School Digital Marketers, you get a dedicated, passionate team of digital marketing experts who care about your mission, needs, and the well-being of your school.

Our effective digital marketing strategy makes you stand apart from your competitors. We accomplish this by carrying out extensive research and using the right channels to target prospective parents. We create solutions that help independent Schools define a memorable and authoritative brand, using the best practices.Our plans are customized to fit your needs, after listening to your challenges, helping us truly partner in your success

Importance of Increasing Brand Awareness Using Branding

What do we do?

Independent schools need to create an effective strategy that communicates with potential students, parents, and communities to grow their brand awareness and student enrollment rates. School Digital Marketers design beautiful and functional websites for Independent Schools. We help you identify the goal of the site and formulate a plan to help achieve your most important objectives.

Our effective digital marketing strategy makes you stand apart from your competitors. We carry out extensive research and use the right channels to target prospective parents. Our plans are customized to fit your needs, after listening to your challenges, helping us to be a partner in your success. We develop a marketing strategy from the ground up and can execute it for you, so you can concentrate on growing your business.

Strategies of Independent School digital marketing

Seek to Establish Trust With Branding

Your website is the first touchpoint for many prospective parents and it should accurately portray your school's position and speak to your target audience. We create a simple and easy-to-navigate website with a responsive design to make all features work on any device. Our marketing experts drive students to your website and make it easy for them to find the information they need.

Building Online Presence Using Branding
Search Engine Optimization

As SEO is the foundation of our marketing strategy we optimize your website and content. We increase your search engine rankings, pulling up when potential parents and students research for Independent schools. Don’t forget that you will want your site to be optimized for mobile since a majority of people use their phones when searching. When parents start searching for Independent schools in your area, your school will be one of the first to pop up and viewed before your competitors.

Attract and Maintain New and Existing Patients
Content marketing

Content establishes your school as a thought leader in the industry and the higher the quality of content, the better your SEO rankings will be. The more engaging and relevant your content, the more likely you are to get potential parents and students interested in joining your school. We create and share interesting and informative content which strengthens your credibility and increases website traffic.

Create a Distinctive and Reliable Brand With Branding
Social Media Marketing

We strategically use social media to reach potential parents and students. Our digital marketing experts target your messages toward specific audiences that live in a specific location and take specific actions. Social Media is a great way to connect with prospective students and their parents. We use your social media accounts to share great stories, to showcase how your school is impacting your students’ lives, your community, and more.

Adding Value to the Brand Using Branding
Paid Ads

Paid ads are displayed to parents who are actively seeking a new private school education for their child. Our PPC marketing strategy delivers high conversion rates and proves to be an effective way to drive traffic to your page. Paid ads increase the conversion rate because someone searching for Independent school education is already a likely lead. Our ads are very attractive and speak directly to the audience which encourages them to take action and learn more.

Increase brand visibility

We find out what clients want and strategically place your brand in a position where your competitors are falling short. We address all their needs to make your brand more relevant to your clients. This increases your brand visibility and helps position your brand as a thought leader in your industry.

Benefits of School digital marketing for Independent Schools

Build Trust

School Digital Marketing helps in building a community for your brand. We make an effort to engage your audience on multiple social platforms and maintain a consistent presence which can go a long way toward forging valuable connections with them. By making continuous efforts to engage students and parents via digital marketing we ensure a steady flow of business. It will ultimately help you see tangible results in your favor.

Brand Awareness

Digital marketing is one of the best ways to create brand awareness in a small interval of time. Also, it helps in customer interaction as people these days feel comfortable asking a question through social media platforms. Through our digital marketing efforts, positive associations around your brand grow in the consumer's mind, sparking interest, trust, and loyalty – often even before the conversion takes place.


School digital marketing is very cost-effective when compared to traditional marketing methods because you can target a wide range of audiences at a very less cost. You can continually evaluate your strategy and find out how and if it is working. Measuring the ROI from our campaigns helps us to re-work strategies and put the resources toward the right projects. With our cost-effective strategies and interactions with your customers consistently, we allow you to connect with new customers in a meaningful way.

High Conversion Rates

We use digital marketing to reach out to more parents and students through your website and social media platforms. Our strategies attract huge traffic and boost enrollment rates. Our marketing team shares unique content that builds trust and strengthens your school's image which ultimately leads to high conversion rates.

Increase Visibility

Digital marketing aims to bring a huge amount of traffic to your website by increasing its visibility to the people searching for it. Digital marketing increases visibility on social media platforms also and brings targeted traffic to your website. We ensure that our highly targeted and intentional digital marketing efforts increase your online visibility.

To sum it up

Before parents enroll their children in private schools, they search online for information about the various options available to them. You need to stand out in search results and the quality of your presentations compared to other educational institutions that are vying for enrollees. Your school’s profile must inspire trust in parents through the comprehensiveness of its online resources and the inspirational depiction of its core values. Once our powerful digital marketing campaigns are implemented, you can see results in a matter of days.


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