Digital Marketing Packages


Digital Marketing Packages

Healthcare is a unique and important industry and it can be a challenge when it comes to generating new interest. However, if you want to grow your business and influence more patients to visit your organization gradually, then you should have more self-sustaining media lead generation strategies. 

According to a recent report, 86% of healthcare consumers look onpne to learn health-related information. Hence, it is important to understand the requirements of today’s healthcare digital consumer and incorporate effective strategies to create a steady flow of medical leads and to catch the attention of them. 

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Package A Package B Package C Package D
SEO 2 Social Media 2 Social Media Accounts + SEO Objective & Strategy Based
Complete Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Unlimited Unlimited Keywords Unlimited Keywords* Unlimited Keywords Unlimited Keywords
Social Media
Marketing Startegy
Other Language support (Arabic or other) Additional Additional Additional
Monthly Price(USD) 600 1,200 1,800 Contact Us
Monthly Price(AED) 2,202 4,404 6,606 Contact Us
Monthly Price(KWD) 180 360 540 Contact Us
Monthly Price(EBP) 9,420 18,840 28,260 Contact Us
Monthly Price(INR) 43,614 87,228 130,842 Contact Us

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The Graphical Design for the above posts are included

All the contents need to be provided by cpents

For any strategical or customized digital marketing requirements, the price may vary on case to case basis.

Minimum of 1 year contract

*Not More than 20 pages website