Connect With Prespective Students

Connect With Prospective Students


Most of the education service providers are now seeking the ideal ways to connect with prospective students and increase the enrollment of the students. The rapid increase in competition demonstrates a sound market. In this digital world, it is getting hard to improve the numbers of student enrollment. Regardless of that, digital marketing has become a reliable method to reach more prospective students and families who do online exploration to discover their best suitable educational institutions.


Private coaching centres and the management of schools and colleges should understand the value and significance of digital marketing as part of an enrollment strategy to build up an online presence on the current important digital platforms. The education marketing approaches to reach potential students are continuously evolving, each online marketing tool and social media platform now serve a different purpose in making a prospective student know about a college or university. Nevertheless, for digital marketing, it’s crucial to be aware of your target audience, what they are looking for and in which platform they spend their time mostly so you know how to influence them. 


Promoting on different internet mediums and social media platforms is an integral part of the education marketing strategies. School Digital Marketers, as a specialist digital marketing agency for education, we comprehend diverse digital advertising platforms to make prospect progress through the learner acquisition funnel. We know the top-performing digital marketing and social media platforms to connect with prospective students and make effective use of them for your student acquisition funnel. Below are some of the techniques, we use to attract and engage students to increase enrollments.



At School Digital Marketers, we leverage some of the effective ways to thrive in content marketing

Seek to Establish Trust With Branding

We create a professional website for your educational institution, through which you can attract more online audience and describe more about yourself to your prospective students.

Building Online Presence Using Branding

We publish blogs on relevant topics regularly that educates your potential students and invoke conversations with the interested ones.  

Attract and Maintain New and Existing Patients

We ask the present set of students to share their experience and combining it in your content marketing strategy can draw the attention of your potential students and parents.

Create a Distinctive and Reliable Brand With Branding

We create attractive infographics to highlight and promote the key attraction points about your institution among your prospective audience who can enrol.

Adding Value to the Brand Using Branding
Upgrading With Trends

Paid ads are displayed to parents who are actively seeking a new private school education for their child. Our PPC marketing strategy delivers high conversion rates and proves to be an effective way to drive traffic to your page. Paid ads increase the conversion rate because someone searching for Independent school education is already a likely lead. Our ads are very attractive and speak directly to the audience which encourages them to take action and learn more.


Email Marketing


School Digital Marketers understands that every Independent school is unique and we help you craft your unique story to attract new students. We are passionate about telling your story to the target audience. We are driven to get your school found, and serve as a communication tool with your existing parents. When you work with School Digital Marketers, you get a dedicated, passionate team of digital marketing experts who care about your mission, needs, and the well-being of your school.


Our effective digital marketing strategy makes you stand apart from your competitors. We accomplish this by carrying out extensive research and using the right channels to target prospective parents. We create solutions that help independent Schools define a memorable and authoritative brand, using the best practices.Our plans are customized to fit your needs, after listening to your challenges, helping us truly partner in your success

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Email Subject Lines Personalization

The subject lines of your email should be a summary of your email context. Personalizing the subject lines in email points to greater open rates.

Using Short Subject Lines

Redirecting the audience to your website is the main objective, hence ensure that the email content is short, crisp and informative to encourage readers to discover more.

Professional Layouts

We keep the layout professional, simple and easy to navigate with a call-to-action button to allow readers to take action.


Social Media Marketing


Social media acts as a powerful platform to connect your prospective candidates and students with your institution anytime. Nowadays, when students search online for educational programs, they not only look for the quality of the program or facility, but they also search for an appropriate place where they can fit in. Hence, to take advantage of this fact, many education service providers have began to embrace all the social media platforms. 

With the help of a digital marketing expert like School Digital Marketers, as a professional institution, you can understand what students want and use social media accordingly to share yourphilosophy, campus culture and more through Facebook posts, Instagram photos, YouTube videos, Tweets and more. Below are some of the strategies, we practice to boost your social media presence.

User Created Content

We create content and hashtags for the users during events like alumni, graduation and orientation day and encourage students to use those hashtags in posts.

Use Groups

We create a separate Facebook group for your institution to easily connect with your alumni, clubs, sports and more.

Go Live

We live stream events on social media platforms, which is an excellent way for interactions and real-time sharing.

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Paid Advertising


Paid AdvertisingThe number of students searching online for their ideal professional courses is increasing every day. A paid marketing campaign can help you make the most of this by helping you increase your inquiry and application rate. Presently paid advertising approach has become more crucial as there is high competition.


At School Digital Marketers, we formulate the right strategy for you and help you spend smartly on paid advertising because even a small amount creates a decisive impact on admissions. Here are some steps we follow before setting up a paid campaign,

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Setting Goals

We set goals and pre-define what needs to be achieved from the ad campaign and run ads to promote an event or increase brand visibility.

Defining Your Audience

Once the objective is set, next we identify your prospective student base. 

Understand Conversion

We completely understand the working of the conversion funnel, before start working on campaigns.


Search Engine Optimization 


In the past, prospective students would have asked their friends or seniors for the best professional course and the institutions in the city or country. But at present, students decide with what they see on search engines like Google or Bing. Mostly, they visit the website of an institution that has a powerful presence in the organic search results.  

School Digital Marketers is a specialist in performing SEO for educational institutions to help education service providers better visibility and build a good relationship between prospective students. We ensure to optimize your website now and then so that your website can perform better on search engines.

Refine Your Website

We perform a website audit to identify issues that restrict search engines and potential students from recognizing your website.


We ensure your website is completely optimized for mobile because most of the audience is now using smartphones to search online.

Content Revamp

We use essential tools to find out which keywords are working well for your website and make well use of them in your website content to boost your rankings. 

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